Coaches Academy
Project Goals
Training a new generation of coaches training based on the core values of #tagsport Academy
Respect for children
Acceptance of and individual approach to all kids irrespective of their physical abilities, football skills, physical or psychological peculiarities
Focus not on achievement, but on individual motivation
Girls training alongside with boys
Inclusion of kids with special developmental needs
Course Parameters and Timeline
complete the #tagsport course
January-February 2018
pass the #tagsport final assessment
February 2018
successfully complete the Russian Football Academy course and obtain UEFA licenses
March 2018



non-Moscow applicants

candidates invited to meeting
Curriculum: Theoretical Course
Module 1: How we coach
Module 2: Physical Skills
Module 3: «Coach Talks»
Curriculum: Coach Practice and Assessment
3-18 February 2018
10 training sessions
— trainees join #tagsport coaches to observe trainings sessions
— discussion of the sessions with coaches
18-28 February 2018
— trainees serve as coach assistants and second coaches under the supervision of the #tagsport coaches

— discussion of session plans and analysis of the sessions

— trainees plan and hold their own training sessions with #tagsport kids and are assessed by the head coach
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